About Us

Established in 2009, Handy Group is now a diversified business group. Together with its subsidiaries, Handy Group Limited continues to promote and maintain a high standard of business ethics, statutory compliance and corporate governance. Handy Group and its subsidiaries have been supporting sports and many local charities.

The company has created a diversified portfolio which presents the best possible balance between the current return on investment and future growth. The Group corporate strategy is to manage every step of its investment. Handy Group Limited focuses on some of these investment areas: FINANCE, INSURANCE, PROPERTY, RETAIL, BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION. Its financial arm – Handy Finance, is now a regional company with offices in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, with Solomon Islands soon to open.

Handy Group Employees are inspired, and united by the common goals in a shared ambition. 

Our Vision

To become a prominent diversified business group in the Pacific Region

Our Mission

To create value for our shareholders by prudently managing every step of our business interests and  working together in colaboration with all stakeholders.

Our Values

The core principles that drive our business and how we approach work, interpersonal collaboration, and employee well-being.


We will act with the highest ethical standards, creating an atmosphere of fairness and trust


We are committed to the care and development of our people as our most valuable asset.


We will act with respect and sensitivity for varied customs, traditions and cultures of our community and will support and add value to the development of those communities we operate in.


We will be united in purpose, working harmoniously toward common objectives through the commitment and contribution of every individual and working constructively with our shareholders.


We will be professional, flexible and effeciant and aim to exceed our customers expectation


We will take ownership and responsibility for our decisions and actions

Handy Center - Port Moresby

We are professionals working together for the best of our clients, shareholders and stakeholders.

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