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Handy Finance Fiji

Handy Finance extended its services overseas and established its regional office in Suva, the capital of Fiji in the year 2008. Handy Finance continues to provide in its specilized products, (USPL) Unsecured Personal Loans, (HP) Hire Purchase and (MSME) Mini SME Loans ..... MORE

Handy Finance PNG

Handy Finance (PNG) Limited continues to market its main product USPL- Unsecured Personal Loans. In Papua New Guinea; Our main clients are the Public Servants, Teachers and the Disciplinary Forces.

 We have branches in Mt Hagen and Mendi and agents located in most centres of Papua New Guinea...... MORE

Handy Finance Limited is registered finance company in Papua New Guinea and Fiji...Learn More

Handy Investment is the group investment vehicle...Learn More


Handy Properties Limited is the property management arm of Handy Group Limited.

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Handy Construction is specialized in property developments and maintenance...Learn More

Handy Homemart is the Retail arm of Handy Finance and faciltates the company's HP scheme...Learn More

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