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At Handy Finance Limited, we are a small finance organisation, however we do our best to empower our community through our Community and Social Empowerment Program. Meet James Pukok 34 years old and hails from Kowagil village in the Imbongu district of South Highlands Province. James is raising Funds to purchase a Prosthetic Leg in Australia. In January 2014, James was employed as a construction worker on a site near the vision city mega mall when he had a fatal accident that would chan


Handy Finance is the financial arm to Handy Group Limited based in Papua New Guinean, Handy Finance has been in operational in Papua New Guinea and Fiji since 2008.

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Inspac Limited is a nationally owned insurance company providing professional and reliable insurance advice to our customer base in Papua New Guinea.

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Better Homes Limited is the property management arm of Handy Group Limited. The company head office is in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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Handy Construction is specialise in property developments and maintenance.

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Black Meridian Watchers (BMW) is a security company operating in Fiji and Papua New Guinea that provides an integrated security solution for our customers.

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Enjoy the comforts of Morden Day Living – Consider your next purchase from Handy Homemart. We do Hire Purchase!! Purchase YOUR OWN valuables at Handy Homemart and make the most of Easy Credit available in store!! Handy Homemart Coming Soon!!!!

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